News from our brothers across the pond that Harley-Davidson has (possibly) filed a further two new model names for upcoming models. However, things aren’t quite as simple as they may first appear.

A week ago, Harley filed the name ‘Harley-Davidson Bronx’ but this was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office – it now appears that the 48X and Pan America have been filed NOT in the US but with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Dunno why, but that’s the deal.


According to the excellent motorcycle chaps at USA-based (check out their site HERE), neither ’48X’ or ‘Pan American’ names are official linked, that they can see, with Harley but both names are listed for use with ‘motorcycles and structural parts therefor’.

It makes sense to suspect that the 48X is going to be some sort of hard-assed roadster built around the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight – above – (perhaps using the Revolution X motor used in the Street 750 and Street 500) but what could the Pan American be?


There’s some wishful thinking that the Pan could be some sort of KTM 1290 Super Duke GT-style sharp semi-naked thing but the reality is probably going to be something a bit more traditional and built around the Softail-based Sport Glide model – below – but with considerable more weather protection and carrying capability. A top box and bigger panniers with a half fairing and a stereo, if you will.

Tony Carter

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