Meet the future of speed cameras – it weighs less than a pound and fits into the palm of your hand. And the Met Police are trialing it now…


Called the TruSpeed SE at 132 x 114 x 53mm in size, the speed camera is about the same size as a pair of small binoculars.


Indeed, the camera does look like a small pair of binoculars but only has one lens that an officer looks through, the inbuilt lazer can be pinpointed on any vehicle spotted through the eyepiece and then the speed of the vehicle appears on the digital viewing screen inside the viewing lens.

Costing around £1650, the TruSpeed SE is currently undergoing a raft of trials alongside other speed camera-type devices with the Met Police Force. For use in the field the officers using the TruSpeed SE will be able to clip a small screen to the bottom of the camera in order to show offenders the speed that they are claimed to have been caught doing on top of the footage of them riding or driving.

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