Melbourne-based Skunk Machine created this AWESOME MotoGP inspired Ducati Scrambler ‘Trackster’ – and then Jorge Lorenzo signed it at last year’s Melbourne GP!

 The bike was brought to Skunk Machine’s owner Carl Cerra by a long-time customer Anthony who wanted something special creating to sit in his new bar. His brief to Carl was fairly succinct, “Mate. Can you do something shit hot with this? I want to show it off at my bar. I want something racy.”


Explaining his process, Carl said: “I began with a series of detailed sketches to get the Ducati’s graphics right. We decided to delete the Indicators, chop off the rear sets and wrap the pipes. Once I was happy with the plan, I began the bodywork and started thinking about how exactly the decals would be done.”

The four piece kit that was used to transform the Ducati is actually one that Carl designed a couple of years ago – and subsequently made production moulds for. He said: “It comes with the double-skinned seat cowl, the upholstered seat, two side covers and all the required locking hardware. If you look at my website, you can see the design and clay modelling process that I used to create it. We also got permission to use all the racing logos, so I got them printed and cut. Once they were stuck in position, I carefully sanded around the signature and sealed it and the logos with a final coat of clear. “It wouldn’t be a ‘Trackster’ without a slick on the rear, so I swapped out the Pirelli for a 190×17″ Michelin slick seeing as they are also a Ducati GP bike sponsor. Unfortunately you can’t get an 18″ front slick, so I chose to go with a Michelin Scorcher. I think the tread pattern works well for this build. I also added some real rubber tyre lettering I had made up to make sure everyone at the bar knows who built it.”


Speaking about trying to get Lorenzo to sign the bike, Carl added:  “I guess the hardest part of the build was trying to arrange Jorge to sign the Ducati’s tail piece. The thing I like best about a build was the reaction from Anthony. Most of the time, customers can’t really visualise the final product until it’s sitting in front of them all shiny and new. I pray for a big grin… once that appears, I can breathe again. Thankfully he loved it; I can’t wait to see it at the bar.”

Carl finished by saying: “I am selective of the projects that I take on, as I am only one person. I make sure I can focus on each project as if they are my own personal bikes. I have worked in many Automotive Design Studios around the world for almost 25 years and I apply many of the techniques and the experience I have gained on my bikes. There’s is a huge difference between ‘Custom’ and ‘Design; I try to make my work look as though it was rolled out by the factory. Simple, clean and refined.”


For more information on Skunk Machine, click HERE.

Ross Mowbray

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