Now that’s some serious horsepower… Shetland pony smashes up £3000 custom motorcycle and ends up in Judge Rinder’s courtroom

A Shetland pony stands before TV’s Judge Rinder accused of smashing up a £3,000 custom motorbike.

Wee Bob (just to be clear, that’s the horse) is being sued for damages by Callum Woods – who reckons he bust out of his field and trashed his custom motorcycle, worth £3000. The miniature nag was defended by his owner (and Callum’s girlfriend) Stacey Johnston, 26 – who insists the damage was accidental.

Callum alleges Bob destroyed his custom-built motorbike at the family home in Howwood, Renfrewshire. The trial heard how Bob broke through several gates before knocking it over, scuppering Callum’s dream of taking his machine to the world-famous Isle of Man TT races.


But, speaking to the press, Stacey spoke of how Bob was on his best behaviour for the trial — and reckons he charmed the sharp-tonged Judge Rinder. She said: “Judge Rinder was smitten. He even asked to meet us after the show. Bob loved all the attention and the posing for the cameras. He was very well behaved.”

If you’re interested to see who won, the final episode of Judge Rinder featuring the Shetland saga was broadcast today. Check it out, HERE.

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