A video of a motorcycle race has gone viral after two riders were caught on camera in a furious battle – and it doesn’t end well for either of them.

The clip shows a large crowd assembled to watch the racing, as two bikes round a corner close together. But, one of the competitors decides to ruin any chance of his rival winning, pushing him into the barriers and knocking him off. The crowd looks shocked as the fallen rider rolls off his bike, and the rider who pushed him rides off into the distance.


The video then cuts to a shot of the rider coming back around the track again – and as he turns the corner, we can see the rider he knocked off standing at the side of the track holding a heavy white sack. The nobbled rider launches it into his path, and watches it land under the front wheel, as his rival is knocked off his bike.

Commenters can’t believe the behaviour of either rider, and rushed to share their thoughts online. One said: “Seriously though, he could have hurt lots of people, he got what was coming.” Another said: “I kinda see two a*******. One is bigger than the other. But still.” And another noted: “You have both become vilified.”

Ross Mowbray

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