Golden Custom Ducati Scrambler from Japan

Since Ducati brought the Scrambler to market back in 2015, innumerable bike builders have added their personal touches with beefy tires and custom paint jobs. And the latest to catch our eye is this gorgeous Golden Custom from Japanese craftsman Masaharu.

Masaharu conceived his pimped-out Scrambler for the 2nd annual Ducati Scrambler Rumble competition. The Japanese craftsman meticulously applied and reapplied brass foil to covers and panels to create an eye-catching golden colour-scheme – while a quilted brown leather seat adds to the Scramblers striking aesthetic. 


Underneath its stand-out paintwork, is a modified version of the Scrambler’s L-twin engine. Interestingly, its electronic fuel injectors have been replaced with a pair of 39 mm FCR carburettors—a feature you’d find on racing bikes. Plus, Masaharu has added custom intakes and velocity stacks. Pretty cool right?

If you’re impressed by the finished product, you can vote for the Aellambler Ducati Scrambler in the Custom Rumble’s “Best Independent Customizer” category – by clicking HERE.


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