Save up to £1300 on the latest off-road models from KTM

If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on a brand new KTM – get down to your local KTM dealership and get the VAT taken off your purchase.

KTM is celebrating its championship winning off-road success by offering VAT off all purchases of a range of models, from 1 April 2018. To give you an idea of the kind of money you could save, take a look at the prices below.

50 SX£3,399.00£556.50£2,832.50
65 SX£3,899.00£649.83£3,249.17
85 SX s/w£4,799.00£799.83£3,999.17
85 SX b/w£4,799.00£799.83£3,999.17
125 SX£6,099.00£1,016.50£5,082.50
150 SX£6,249.00£1,041.50£5,207.50
250 SX-F£7,199.00£1,199.83£5,999.17
350 SX-F£7,349.00£1,224.83£6,124.17
250 EXC-F£7,699.00£1,283.17£6,415.83
350 EXC-F£7,899.00£1,316.50£6,582.50
450 EXC-F£7,999.00£1,333.17£6,665.83
250 XC-F£7,449.00£1,241.50£6,207.50
350 XC-F£7,599.00£1,266.50£6,332.50
Freeride 250 F£6,599.00£1,099.83£5,499.17

Admittedly, the promotion is only available at participating dealers – so make sure you give your local KTM HQ a call before heading out. Additionally, some models are only available in limited numbers, and will be sold on a first come first serve basis – so you’ll have to act fast.

For more information and to find your closest participating KTM dealer, click HERE.



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