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There’s plenty of posts out there about why you shouldn’t date a biker. Obviously we’re biased, but Carli Ann Smith came up with our top reasons why we’re a super dateable bunch…

  • We’re friendly We nod at each other when we see another of our kind and we’re always happy to strike up conversation when we stop for a cuppa.
  • We’re helpful If we see a fellow biker at the side of the road, we’ll pull over to see if they’re OK
  • We’re  hands on We like to get our paws dirty and look after our bikes. Some might say that makes us good with our hands too…
  • We’re adventurous The sun is shining; we fill up our bikes and set off on a trip. We don’t know where we’re going or what time we’ll be back but that’s half the fun.
  • We’ve got some good stories Once you get us started on our scars, track day experiences, reasons we got into riding, biking idols and racing heroes – we’ll be able to recount hundreds of anecdotes. We think they’re good stories anyway…
  • We love it if you get involved It might be coming on the back of us or getting a licence of your own – what’s better than quality time with your loved ones? So grab a helmet and come on – you’ll love it.
  • We’ll treat you We’ll get you some fish and chips when we go to the coast. If you’re not with us then we might bring you back a stick of rock.
  • We’re easy to buy presents for At Christmas, birthday’s, valentines and anniversaries, there’s no panic about what to get us – if its bike related then it’s a winner.
  • We look good in leather Do we need to explain this one?
  • And finally…. We ride motorbikes. That makes us cool.

We’d love to hear from you about why you think people should (or shouldn’t) date a motorcyclist…

Tony Carter

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