If you bought a Zero electric motorcycle back in 2012, you need to get in touch with your dealer as there’s a risk it might cause a ‘thermal event’. Don’t worry though, they’re offering to buy it back, or trade it in for a newer model.

Zero Motorcycles is reporting a possible defect with the battery architecture in its 2012 Zero S, Zero DS, and Zero DSP (Police) bikes – and there’s a risk that it might cause a ‘thermal event’ within the battery pack.


Zero has cited three instances (one in Hong Kong, and two in the USA) where the battery packs on the 2012 bikes have failed and led to a thermal event – and as a result it’s recalling 218 motorcycles, the entire volume of Zero S, Zero DS, and Zero DPS motorcycles that were sold in 2012.




According to Zero, the issue is that the bikes cell pouches are able to move inside their holders, which can cause their surfaces to eventually wear against the holder, and consequently create an electrical short within the battery pack. Plus, as the battery packs are not completely sealed, the elements can get to it, and possibly corrode the cells.

But, because of the way that the battery packs are designed, it’s not possible for Zero to simply replace the unit and remedy the situation. Instead, Zero Motorcycles are offering to buy-back all of the Zero S, Zero DS, and Zero DPS electric motorcycles that it sold in 2012 – or if you’d prefer, simply trade it in for a newer model.


Affected owners are advised not to ride or charge their bikes, and to get in touch with their local dealer as soon as possible to arrange transportation.

Ross Mowbray

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