VIDEO: Rider catapulted into air during American Flat Track race. This will make you wince.

During last weekend’s half-mile American Flat Track meeting in Texas, chaos ensued after a rider lost the front end of his Indian FTR750 – causing a pile-up in the middle of a corner, which resulted in Stevie Bonsey being catapulted high into the air. Made us wince. Don’t worry though; thankfully no-one was seriously hurt.

So, the camera follows second-place Bryan Smith atop his Indian FTR750 – and captures him losing the front end after tipping into the corner. The issue comes as Smith’s bike sticks to the race line, instead of veering off the outside of the track. As a result, Jake Johnson, who was close behind Smith, could do nothing to avoid hitting the Indian. But it was Stevie Bonsey who had the worst of it, colliding with the FTR, causing a catapult effect that threw him high into the air.


As we said, luckily none of the riders were seriously hurt. Bonsey came away with the worst injury though – a fractured ankle.

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