We’ve teamed up with BC Battery Controllers to offer awesome discounts across its entire range. You’ve only got until the end of May to take advantage of this brilliant offer though – so you need to act fast.

If you’ve not heard of BC Battery Controllers before – that’s because the Italian brand is fairly new to the UK. It produces a wide range of chargers and accessories, to make charging batteries across a massive range of vehicle a doodle.



RRP: £52.99 (exc. Discount)

The BC Junior 900 is the smallest battery charger in the BC Battery Controller range – developed primarily for battery care on motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skis.

The 12V charger employs a clever 8-step charging algorithm, which can recharge and maintain, as well as being capable recovering deeply discharged and sulphated batteries (from as little as 1.25 Volts). Additionally, it can actually be used for the slow charging and maintenance of larger batteries with a capacity up to 100Ah, like the ones that are usually mounted on cars. In short, it’s a capable little charger. And, it comes bundled with a waterproof battery cable with eyelets and a battery cable with insulated clamps.


BC K900 EDGE 6V/12V including a 12V adaptor

RRP: £68.99 (exc. Discount)


The BC K900 EDGE is a versatile piece of kit. It’s the only battery charger and maintainer in the range that’s suitable for all 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries – and can be powered using a 12V port in a car or on a motorcycle. Clever stuff.

Its 6V and 12V programs have been developed for complete care of all 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries, from recovery and charging through to desulfation and maintenance – as well as testing the battery at the end of the charging cycle.

BC K900 EVO+ Lead-acid/Lithium/CAN-Bus + 12V adaptor

RRP: £80.99 (exc. Discount)

The BC K900 EVO+ is touted as one of the most complete motorcycle battery chargers on the market. It can be powered using a 12V socket, and is compatible with all 12V lead-acid and lithium batteries. Brilliant, right?

It offers four individual charging programs, depending on which battery you’re working on. ‘Lead-Acid’ and ‘Lithium’ modes are suitable for recovery, charging, desulfation and maintenance of lead-acid and ultra-light lithium batteries respectively. Whereas its ‘Lead-Acid CAN-Bus’ and ‘Lithium CAN-Bus’ programs allow the device to be connected directly to a  CAN-Bus 12V socket across a selection of motorcycles, using the included adaptor. The CAN-Bus system is most widely used in BMW motorcycles – but to find out if it’s suitable for your bike, a quick web search should provide some answers.

BC BRAVO 2000+

RRP: £88.99 (exc. Discount)

The BC BRAVO 2000+ is the big boy in BC Battery Controllers range of motorcycle chargers. Essentially, it’s a smart automatic battery charger and maintainer, ideal for use on both motorcycles and cars with batteries up to 100 Ah.

It uses a microprocessor, which carries out an 8-step charging process, allowing recovery of deeply discharged batteries. That’s not all – it can charge, desulfate, analyse and maintain all 12V lead-acid batteries. And it features an automatic battery and alternator test procedure, guided step by step by the instructions on the LCD display. Easy.

From a safety perspective, the full range of  BC Battery Controllers do not produce sparks and are protected against short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating – so you be confident when leaving them hooked up to your pride and joy for long periods of time.


To take advantage of this fantastic discount, and for more information on the full range of products, visit: www.jawsmotorcycles.co.uk/product-brands/bc-battery-controller/

Ross Mowbray

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