Kneen Machine: Dan Kneen triumphs at Tandragee and takes track record

Dan Kneen had a scorcher at the Tandragee 100 – taking the win in Saturday’s Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Superbike race, and setting a new track record in the process on his Tyco BMW.

Kneen spliced his way through the field on the opening lap of the Tandragee 100 Superbike race to clinch a stunning victory on his Tyco BMW on Saturday.


Derek Sheils streaked into an early lead in the race, closely pursued by Derek McGee, Michael Sweeney and Dan Kneen – as the leading quartet broke away from the rest of the field. But Kneen continued to pick his way through, edging past the competition, before eventually surging into the lead on the final lap.

McGee tried all he could to hit back – but Kneen kept his cool, and took the win by 0.4 seconds, with Sheils rounding out the podium in third. And most impressively, Kneen set an absolute lap record around the circuit, getting round in 2 minutes 55.511 seconds, with an average speed of 109.609mph – breaking Michael Dunlop’s seven-year-old record by half a second.

Kneen said: “I’m happy with the day’s work. A win in the Grand Final and a new lap record at what is not an easy circuit. The Tyco BMW boys gave me a motorcycle capable of winning.”


It’s a promising start to the roads season for the Manxman, who’ll be looking to continue to the strong form in the run up to the Isle of Man TT. Next up. Northwest 200.

Tandragee 100 results

Around A Pound Tandragee 100 – 1st D Kneen, 2nd D McGee, 3rd D Sheils, 4th M Sweeney, 5th A McLean, 6th T Maxwell


Open: 1st D Sheils, 2nd D Kneen, 3rd D McGee, 4th W Dunlop, 5th S Anderson, 6th M Sweeney

Supersport: 1st D McGee, 2nd A McLean, 3rd W Dunlop, 4th M Sweeney, 5th D Sheils, 6th J Loughlin

Supertwin: 1st D McGee, 2nd A McLean, 3rd D Cooper, 4th J Chawke, 5th N Kernohan, 6th S Elliott


Moto3 / 125GP: 1st P Robinson, 2nd J Loughlin, 3rd N Moore, 4th Melissa Kennedy, 5th J O’Brien, 6th Sarah Boyes

Lightweight Supersport: 1st D Tweed, 2nd S Morrison, 3rd V Allan, 4th R Hughes, 5th L Collins, 6th B Loughlin

Classic Overall: 1st D Stimpson, 2nd M Parrett, 3rd J Pemberton, 4th K Clarke, 5th B Davidson, 6th G Stinson.

Senior Support: 1st M Browne, 2nd W Sheehan, 3rd W Hara, 4th L Chawke, 5th D Murphy, 6th T Henry.

Junior Support: 1st W Sheehan, 2nd B Sheehan, 3rd S Morrison, 4th L Chawke, 5th D Anderson, 6th R Cairns.

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