BEAUTIFUL: EXCLUSIVE pics of Allen Millyard’s RC374 Honda Six tribute in detail PLUS video PLUS free ringtone

Just in case you missed this last week – we thought we’d re-share our exclusive pictures, video and ringtone of Allen Millyard’s gorgeous Honda Six tribute. Happy Monday.

When – nearly a month ago – we first brought you this stunning Honda 6 tribute built by genius engineer Allen Millyard, we had no idea just how many of you wanted to see more of the bike.


So, working closely with our stable mates at Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, we’ve decided to show you these stunning images of the motorcycle that Millyard made by himself in his garage at home.


The whole project, to re-create one of the multi-million pound rare Hondas came about when Millyard saw the Honda 6 that Guy Martin rode at Castle Combe circuit last year and came up with the plan of making one for himself.


“I had a good look at the bike and I thought it was so beautiful,” Millyard (above) said: “So I set about drawing up plans for the bike. There’s not much of that stuff about so I got a side-on photograph of one of the original bikes and took measurements from that, then scaled them up.”


From the first turn of a lathe to the bike firing up for the first time as a motorcycle at the Stafford Motorcycle Show at the end of April was just ten months in total. In under a year Millyard had turned his idea into a working, riotous and loud version of the exquisite Honda 6.

You can read all about the project in detail EVERY MONTH in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine – the absolutely BEST place to go for everything big, bikey and beautiful from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. To get a copy of the magazine now, and to read the story of Millyard’s Honda tribute bike in more detail than you find anywhere else, CLICK HERE. 

In addition to the images above, we’ve also put links below to our earlier articles on where you can hear the bike in action as it fires up at the Stafford Show, this footage was taken last month with the bike having been completed just hours before it was fired up for this first time off the workbench!

There’s also a link below for a COMPLETELY FREE ringtone of the bike revving. We’ve got both Android and i-Phone compatible files for you, just hit the right lozenge and everything will work for your phone.

Lovely stuff.

To watch the video of the bike firing up CLICK HERE.

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