IOM TT 2018: It’s SENIOR day on the Island! And the weather conditions are PERFECT for smashing records!

So here we are then, the final day of fun and games on the Island. There are two races happening today in Race Week’s finale – the second Sidecar outing of the past seven days is first and that’s followed my the six-lapper Senior TT race.

Weather conditions, so vital for quick times and big performances during the races, are perfect with minimal wind, no rain or mist and temperatures rising. It’s already 15 degrees on the Mountain and the highest temperatures today around the Isle of Man are going to rise into the 20s.


On Wednesday night, the final qualifying lap ahead of the Senior the speed and pace was very high. From a standing start the quick lads were all well within reach of a flying-lap record. Dean Harrison currently has the new absolute lap record which he set in last Saturday’s Superbike race. That was a 134.432mph outing (16m 50.384s) – the first 134mph+ lap in TT history.

The Wednesday qualifying times were; Hickman – 17m 07.894s and a speed of 132.142mph, Harrison – 132.104mph and 17m 08.187s, Dunlop – 130.644mph lap (17m 19.680s) with Josh Brookes fourth on the timesheets in the 129mph bracket.

The countdown to the Sidecar race is already underway. Here’s the schedule for today and you’ll read race reports and news first, here on MoreBikes – so don’t go anywhere. You can listen to the TT LIVE by clicking HERE:


10.30: Sidecar Race 2 (3 Laps)

11.50: John McGuinness Norton Parade Lap

12.45: PokerStars Senior TT (6 laps)

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