Fancy following in the footsteps of Ewan and Charley when they crossed Siberia on their Long Way Round tour? Here’s your chance!

PeterPanBike’s organised trans-Siberian adventure takes you over 8000 miles and through four countries in 42 days. It is your chance to ride across Siberia from the edge of Europe all the way to Vladivostok on the other side of Asia,


But there’s more to this trip than just Siberia. On this adventure of a lifetime, you’ll start from Tallinn in Estonia, then ride through mother Russia, unique Kazakstan and unforgettable Mongolia. Forty-two days and 8000+ miles later you’ll arrive in Vladivostok at the Russian shores of the Pacific Ocean.

On this trip you’ll experience famous and fabulous cities like St Petersburg, Moscow, Astana, Ulan Bator and Irkutsk, as well as cities you’ve probably never heard about like Uralsk, Onguday, Altanteel, Erdenesant and Bikin. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit unique places like Baikonur ­– the world’s first space centre ­– in Kazakhstan, awesome Lake Baikal, Moscow’s Red Square, the magnificent Altai Mountains and Genghis Khan Square in Ulan Bator, and spend a night or two camping out in a yurt and drinking yak butter tea!

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What? Where? When?

Exactly what it says on the tin: this is an organised motorcycle adventure of 10 bikes and a lead rider from Tallinn to Vladivostok. Pre-trip webinars, road tolls, accommodation, meals and return flight from Vladivostok (with bike transfer) are included in the price. All you have to pay yourself is visa costs, meals on days off, booze and personal expenses.

There are two sets of dates to choose from:

  • 10 August – 20 September 2019
  • 8 August – 18 September 2020

Siberian roads?

There are some gravel/dirt roads in Mongolia, and they can be pretty interesting if it’s raining. But don’t worry too much, there is always someone to help if needed! In Russia and Kazakhstan the tour travels on paved roads – unless there’s a chance to take a fun shortcut on a sunny day!

How demanding is it?

This tour can be a bit extreme, especially in Mongolia. And there will be some long days. The roads may be paved in Russia and Kazakhstan but the conditions are variable, and in Mongolia there aren’t even roads from time to time.

So, this is not a tour for beginners. You need to be a confident rider even if you haven’t done a long tour before.

How much?

Rider in a shared room €8,990
Pillion in a shared room €7,990
Rider in single room €10,590

PeterPanBike – On the road since 1998!

Established in Finland in 1997, with their first tour in 1998, PeterPanBike started big: “We bought 10 Enfield Bullet Machismo 500cc motorcycles from the Agra Motorcycle Shop in India and drove them to Finland,” says the company’s founder, Peter Ruotsalo.

Today, PeterPanBike tours cover the whole world, but the places they know best are Finland, Russia and Baltic Countries, as well as the rest of Europe. The trans-Siberian tour is therefore a mixture of known and unknown, providing all the building blocks for a great voyage of discovery.

You can take part in the tours using your own bike, or with one of PeterPanBike’s bikes (custom bikes as well as street-, touring- and all-road bikes available) – You choose!

All tours are led by a professional English-speaking tour leader who loves to ride and is a very experienced biker.

PeterPanBike’s home is in Helsinki, Finland. And their business plan is simple: “Our goal is not to be the biggest in the world but simply the best motorcycle tour operator on our great planet.”

Tony Carter

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