Belgian motorcycle manufacturer Sarolea has made a name for itself over the last few years with its electric powered Superbike. And now you can get your hands on one, if thought of splashing out £40,000 doesn’t make you balk.

The first small batch of 20 Sarolea Manx 7’s went on sale in late 2017 – and to date, 14 have been sold. But the Robbens brothers, who are behind Sarolea, want to up the ante and bring 80 models to market for 2018.


But what do you actually get when you buy a Sarolea?

Well, there’s no denying it’s a top piece of kit, with its carbon monocoque frame and a carbon swingarm. There’s front and rear Öhlins suspension, Beringer brakes, and a pair of ultra-light 17-inch forged wheels from OZ. Not bad.


Getting into specifics, it’ll kick out an impressive 152 kW (204bhp) and 450Nm of torque, with a top speed of around 240 km/h (150mph) – but it does weigh a pretty hefty 193kg. Regarding range, Sarolea reckon the 14 kWh base model will return up to 230km. The 18 kWh version which costs just over £40,000 should be able to cover 280km – and the top spec version with its 22 kWh battery (costing around £42,000) offers up to 330km of range.

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