Photosensitive visor from Shetters. CHANGES COLOUR dependant on weather.

Shetters has created a photosensitive screen with a built-in microchip that’s able to darken and lighten in tenths of a second.

Admittedly, these kind of photochromic visors have been kicking about for a few years now – but, previously, the technology hasn’t quite been up to scratch. The main problem was the time it took to darken or lighten. But, Shetters has upped the ante, creating a visor that can go from light to dark in just tenths of a second – using a solar-powered microchip.


And best of all, the microchip can be programmed so that the user can change and define the colour, speed or sensitivity of the lens – creating a photochromic screen to suit his or her needs and needs.

So far, Shetters has developed its first visors for Arai (RX-7V, QV-Pro, Renegade-V and Chaser-X) and Shoei (X-Spirit III , NXR and RYD ) – but has also launched a Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, as it looks to expand the range, and offer visors for a wider selection of helmets.

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