VIDEO: We don’t know how long he’s going away for – but it must be a hell of a long time. Carry EVERYTHING (including your kitchen sink) with the C-Way Mototrailer

Russian company C-Way has designed and developed a trailer for motorcycles, that’s able to tackle trails and off-road routes. And we’re not really all that sure why.

Ok, so maybe the Mototrailer could have some use as a support vehicle for overland adventures or big Rally Raid races, and it might even be appropriate for military use – but for the average rider, we just can’t see it being worth the hassle. It’d slow you down, make your bike far less manoeuvrable, and as a consequence, less fun to ride. Plus, who’s got that much stuff that they need to take on a motorcycle adventure?


Admittedly, in the video, it does look like it goes surprisingly well – with its suspension soaking up the bumps and lumps with ease. But, we’d be interested in seeing how well it handles some trickier terrain, instead of the bone dry gentle inclines in the videos. Just imagine trying to keep it in check as it slips and slides around in some soaking wet mud…

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