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16 million cars are expected to clog the roads this Easter weekend! According to the BBC, traffic information firm Trafficmaster say that congestion will be at its worst today (Thursday), but to add to the pain, there’s engineering work taking place across the rail network. Good timing!


Routes to the South West are likely to be the busiest but, say Insurance firm Carole Nash, the average biker saves ten hours a year by filtering through traffic – that’s a big chunk out of the 30 hours motorists wasted sat in traffic in 2013. In fact, with gridlock growing on an annual basis, bikers could potentially save themselves up to 16 days over a lifetime stuck in traffic compared to car owners**.

With Britain’s road network reaching tipping point, stats also reveal that frustrated car owners are exploring other options, with 65% admitting that they have considered purchasing a motorbike to overcome traffic woes.

With London named as the second most congested city in Europe after Brussels, the Capital’s biking community reap the most rewards by spending over a day less per year stuck in traffic.


Recent research reveals that UK workers travel just under 17 miles in 41 minutes per day on average***. Carole Nash has calculated that journey times could be slashed to under 30 minutes if travelled by bike, which would collectively save Brits a staggering 95 hours per year!

Londoners in particular, who endure the nation’s longest commute, covering an average distance of 15 miles in 56 minutes, could benefit the most by knocking up to 18 minutes off their journey and saving just under a week per year

* – Stats sourced and compared against INRIX National Traffic Scorecard Annual Report –


** – ‘Lifetime’ defined as forty year riding history
*** – Stats sourced and compared against Randstad data –

Will drivers ever change their ways?

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