Warning from Arai about FAKE Arai helmets on sale

Don’t go buying cheap Arai helmets from online auction sites without knowing exactly where and who they’re coming from – that’s the message sent out from helmet company Arai.

The top helmet firm posted a message showing an Ebay page with what Arai Helmets UK says is a fake Arai RX-7RRS on sale for £106.99 – the usual price for an RX-7V (the nearest equivalent) is around the £600 mark.


Arai warned: “IMPORTANT NOTICE! Do not purchase these Arai helmets as they are FAKE! Our Helmets are passed to very strict EU standards and are designed to save your life! Fake ones are not only counterfeit designed but can be counterfeit safety standards as well.”

If it looks to good to be true, it usually is. Worth knowing.


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