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New for 2018, Shoei has unveiled its updated Neotec II flip-front helmet to fill the shoes of its predecessor, the hugely successful Neotec I.


Over the last couple of months, I’ve ridden close to 2000 miles in the updated Neotec II lid – and, honestly, I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about it. From the ice topped mountains of Austria, to the sunshine baked coast of Northern Spain the updated helmet has held its own and handled a range of changes in temperature and humidity, and plenty of hammering rain. In short, it’s very capable. In fact, I actually had the previous generation Neotec I, and was hugely impressed with it at the time. It became my go to lid for over a year, thanks to its comfort, ventilation and flip-front versatility – and the Neotec II is even better.

Despite its name, the Neotec II has had much more than a simple upgrade. It’s packed with innovative new technologies – which work to offer various improvements in safety, ventilation, isolation, visor mechanism, visibility and comfort. The new Neotec II is made from Shoei’s extremely strong AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) material, and features a shock absorption liner. The inner shell of Double Density EPS is engineered to absorb different impact scenarios, helping the Neotec II to offer unrivalled protection – but the most notable changes for me are the new Neotec’s completely renewed acoustics, and an updated ventilation system.


Firstly, the Neotec comes with Shoei’s “Noise Isolators” which sit in the cheek pads of the helmet help to offer a big improvement in the amount of external noise. Plus all air flow through the sun- visor mechanism has been eliminated too – helping to offer a very quiet riding experience (according to Shoei). And in practice, it’s probably one of the quietest helmets I’ve worn.

The air intakes have been redesigned too, with renewed air inlets on the chin, forehead and backside. They work well, and kept me cool in baking sunshine in northern Spain. The front ventilation on the Neotec II is operated by a glove-friendly panel on the inside, while the top is operated with a smart slider; they are super easy to use.


Shoei’s new patented CNS-3 visor is another new addition to the Neotec. The clever system ensures that the UV-resistant anti-condense Pinlock visor – when closing – fully connects with visor mechanism and is completely air-tight. It works really well, and I’ve had no problems with the visor fogging (in a range of conditions). Plus, the helmet also features an integrated sun-visor that is easily operated with a slider on the left hand-side of the helmet.

The flip front mechanism is easy to use too, with a simple latch on the chin, which can be operated wearing gloves – and best of all, the Neotec II is homogolated for use in both open and closed positions – so you can use it as an open face lid; perfect for when you’re passing through a town or village.

If you’re after a versatile helmet – that’s comfortable, quiet and well ventilated – then you could do a lot worse than Shoei’s new Neotec II. I know mine will be getting plenty of use.


Ross Mowbray

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