MotoGP: In the Silverstone debacle wake, the big boss says: “If we can’t race on a Sunday in future, we will race on Monday or Tuesday!”

The fall-out from the mess that was Silverstone’s hosting of the British round of the MotoGP championship continues.

Carmelo Ezpeleta (above) CEO of Dorna, the company that owns and runs MotoGP, has announced that he has plans in place to stop a wash-out cancellation ever happening again in the Premier Class – and those plans would involve the MotoGP circus staying at a circuit until mid-week in order to have a race if need be.


Speaking out about the rain-lashed British failure, Ezpeleta said: “It was a pity not to run, but we experienced it as an experience.

“It made us think about what we can do in case a situation like that happens again.

“It is important for everyone to know that if you cannot race on Sunday then we will still race, we will then do it on the Monday or the Tuesday.


“I will inform the riders that, in any case, they will race. We will make them understand that they are ready to compete the day after the cancellation, or the next. We will also tell the circuits.”

So there we have it. A serious bit of rain and we could all get a Tuesday MotoGP race. Time to call in those sick days if it looks a bit iffy next year on raceday Sunday…

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