RRP: £199.99 // Sizes: S-4XL // Colours: Grey/Red

Tested by: Jonathan Schofield

It landed with a retro thwack on my desk in a clear plastic bag and I instantly adored the worn look and style of this new Spada jacket. Now it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, I understand that. I’m not here to try and change your mind. What I am here to do is give my honest opinion on the quality and value. 


Let’s start with the fit. It’s a tailored jacket with the option to tighten the waist with velcro straps and the arms with pop fastners. It sports a thermal removable lining (150GR) which as of yet I haven’t had to use, thanks to the relatively mild weather we’ve been experiencing. Though, I have put it in at night to see what a difference it makes and I’m confident it’d look after me in the coldest conditions.

It has zip vents on the back and large vents on the front which are held open by magnets which are fantastic at keeping your core nice an cool – the magnets could do with being a tad stronger as they give up about 70mph (motorway and dual carriageway officer, honest).


I’ve been wearing this jacket pretty much every day over the last three months, and all I can honestly say it’s mega. Seriously; it’s far better than the price would have you believe. It offers quality in buckets and more pockets that a commando would need. The waterproof inner liner has not let me down, and I’ve ridden in some ruddy awful downpours. The outer shell gets a bit heavy when wet but the liner holds out all the moisture, this includes all the pockets as well. The jacket is very comfortable, and also very flexible even with the featured armour.


If there was to be one down point, and I’m really struggling, it’s that the thermal lining pokes out of the arms a little and if you were caught in a downpour without gauntlet gloves – it would get wet and possibly wick up your arms slightly. Other than that minor fault, it is spot on. Ultimately, this is my favourite fabric jacket of the year by far.

For more information, visit: www.feridax.com





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