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The flip-front helmet has traditionally been the helmet of choice for tourers, riding instructors and police officers, but is shunned by many due to them being rather bulky and heavy (the helmets that is, not the doubters). However, they have been loved by scores of everyday bikers, myself included.


But now you can forget everything you thought you knew about flip-front helmets, because the AGV Sport Modular is rewriting the rulebook big time. The new lid is compact, light, sporty, and looks like a racing-style full-face helmet.

First of all, the weight: This is a full carbon fibre helmet with an official weight of 1295g, but my kitchen scales returned a 1382g. Still, it is an incredibly light helmet. My Shoei Neotech 2, which also feels reasonably light, tipped the scales at 1682g, making it 300g heavier – that’s the equivalent of wearing the AGV with a 10oz steak taped to the lid. When you pick up the box in the shop it feels almost like they forgot to put the helmet in there.

The lightness is combined with good aerodynamic performance, so the helmet still feels light at higher speeds and there’s no vibes. There’s also an adjustable integrated spoiler at the back, which reduces turbulence and maximises stability – I know, it sounds more like a sports helmet, huh?


There are the standard chin and top vents for air to flow in and an extractor vent at the back to let it out. The lining is plush, as you’d expect at this price point, and it’s cleverly shaped at the bottom to close as many gaps as possible and keep the lid quiet. The really clever thing about the lining is that it’s reversible, offering either a warm or cool feel and making the lid more versatile. The chin strap is secured with a traditional Double D buckle.

The view from the Pinlock-equipped visor is great, with a wide aperture and no distortions. The internal sun visor is also handy, and it’s easy to operate from the left side lever. I love the visor release mechanism, which is easy to use and pretty much guarantees that you won’t break your visor every time you do a bit of kit maintenance.


The only issue I had was with the shape of the chin guard, which didn’t leave much space between the front of my chin and the helmet. Admittedly, I have a pretty big chin, so others will probably not have the same problem, but for me it was a niggle.

Overall the lid is brilliant. It’s manufactured with care and high-quality components, which goes a long way to justify the price tag. But the real selling point of this helmet is the weight and sporty design – together they are sure to lure a fair few full-face wearers to try a modular helmet.


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