It’s been months since we first told you about Yamaha’s plans for a leaning, three-wheeled V-Max – to be honest, we’re still reeling from the idea – but this week there’s been a development.


Yamaha has filed a raft of new patent designs for the 1,674cc leaning bike with the designs going through a patent office one week ago.


And what that means is that we can now see much more detail to the idea. Yes, the bike is still going to look virtually identical to the iconic V-Max (apart from it’s two front wheels) but the way it leans into corners, and the way the current three-wheeler Niken from Yamaha leans, are completely different.


With the new designs filed, it’s clear that Yamaha is still investing time, effort and cash into the leaning V-Max idea. Whether the bike ever makes it to production, or even as far as prototype stage is unclear, we’ve certainly seen a lot of these ‘out there’ ideas before that haven’t gone any further in the real world.

But right now, as of this week, the leaning Yamaha V-Max is still alive as a project and the designs are being protected by the factory.

What do you reckon to this? Would you buy a leaning V-Max? 

Tony Carter

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