An Austrian Ural dealer has created a limited edition version of the iconic Russian motorcycle and sidecar – inspired by the Trans-Siberian Express train. Dubbed Ural Transsib, the custom sidecar outfit is based on Ural CT model – but comes with a more powerful engine, custom forks, screen for the sidecar, and arguably most importantly, a bottle of vodka hidden in a jerry can.

The dealer claims that “one can travel in the sidecar of the Ural motorcycle as comfortably as at a first-class cabin of the Trans-Siberian Express.”


The bike features brown seats and saddlebags, designed in the likeness of old-fashioned train seats – and comes with insulated and fur-padded inserts for its sidecar, protecting passengers from harsh weather conditions.

The motorcycle is also equipped with a samovar for the passenger to invite fellow travellers for a drink – thanks to the bottle of Samovar-brand vodka with four shot glasses, which comes concealed in a jerry can-shaped case.


At this stage, only 20 of the custom bikes have been built – but impressively, 15 of them have already been sold. If you fancy getting your hands on one, the Ural Transsib will set you back €13,850 (around £12,200) excluding tax – meaning it’s a couple of grand more expensive than the base model CT.

For more information, click HERE.



Ross Mowbray

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