VIDEO: The GOLDEN age of two-stroke MX. The 90’s. Jeremy McGrath and Travis Pastrana tell us WHY.

The 1990s. It was the era of dial-up internet, grunge music, MSN chatrooms and frosted tips.  And motocross was massive. Which is why Red Bull has just released its latest video, celebrating the 90’s MX scene, as it gears up to step back in time for its first two-stroke Red Bull Straight Rhythm event.

Known for its two-stroke motorcycles, hot pink rider gear, and the incredible level of talent on the field, Red Bull is taking inspiration from 90’s MX, for its newly introduced Red Bull Straight Rhythm event. That’s why it’s released this brilliant video, interviewing Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana, Jeff Emig and many more about why the ‘90s were just so cool.


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