So we know that there are FOUR new bikes coming from Kawasaki and that these 2019 models will be unveiled at the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show in Milan on November 5/6.

What we don’t know for sure is exactly what these new bikes will be. But our friends at top Japanese motorcycle magazine Young Machine have a few theories about what’s on the way – actually, these are a bit more than theories. Young Machine has been bang on the money with its predictions recently (because there’s a few factory tongues a-wagging in the land of the rising sun right now). So there’s probably quite a bit of meat on these new-bike-bones.


Anyway, here’s what YM says is up for appearing at EICMA. And yes, there’s six bikes here (all with excellent CGI illustrations, these are NOT photos of the actual bikes) and only four being revealed by Kawasaki so our Japanese mates are hedging their bets a bit. But roll with it.

1: Ninja H2 SX SE – upgraded version of the big bike with electronic Showa suspension.


2: Versys 1000

Gets Bosch 6-axis IMU inertial sensor and cornering ABS.


3: W800

Making a return to the range since it was kicked into the long grass in 2016, the WR could make a comeback in the next few weeks. A 773cc air-cooled/water-cooled bike. There are rumours in Japan of a full-on retro-groovy 1000cc version of this bike in 2020 too. Plus a Scrambler version (although this has gained strength as a rumour following the W2TT bike shown at the Paris Motor Show). Makes sense to get as many models out of the same ploddy motor and chassis. Works for Triumph, after all.

4: KLX125

Big wheels, big suspension and the same powerplant at in the Ninja 125 and Z125 naked that’s heading to Europe. In a new KLX package. Looks trick. Will be ace to ride.


5: Z400

The new naked Z400 is definitely on the way, we know this, but there’s a lot of gossip in Japan kicking around about the 400cc version of the firm’s Z900RS. The smaller old-school-styled bike will use the same bike parts as the Z400 but lay on the cafe roadster styling nice and thick.

Tony Carter

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