The Frog is a clever new accessory, which allows you to protect your helmet from scratching, getting dirty or getting wet. Essentially, it’s a rear mounted stand which means you don’t have to put your helmet directly on the floor when you’re not wearing it.

The first models were handmade by Luis de Arquer, a composer and pianist, back in 2011 – and over the last seven years, the product has been honed to create this final production version which recently won the A’Design Award. Made from high strength polyurethane, and measuring 7cm by 8cm, The Frog can be attached to helmets using the 3M- VHB acrylic adhesives, similar to those used with GoPro cameras.


Speaking about The Frog, Arquer said that it “responds to the discomfort that results from daily coexistence with a spherical shape whose only point of support is that of its lining”.

Available in a range of different colours, The Frog will set you back just shy of £20. For more information, visit:

Ross Mowbray

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