Honda Cross Cub SPECIAL revealed in Japan.



Revealed way back in 2017 during the annual Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has recently launched its new 50cc and 110cc Honda Cross Cub’s in Japan. And now, the governor of Kumamoto, Ikuo Kamoshima has unveiled a special version of the new machine, adorned with the Kumamon mascot.

Built around the base of the iconic Super Cub commuter machine, the Cross Cub comes with a much more rugged appearance and off-road credentials. The 110cc Cub is fitted with semi-knobby tyres wrapped around 17-inch wheels, while the 50cc version comes with 14-inch wheels wrapped in normal road rubber – but aside from that, the two bikes are pretty much the same.

The 50cc Cross Cub in the images, which were taken by our Japanese friends Young Machine, is adorned with the Kumamon mascot – which was created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan back in 2010, as part of campaign to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen line opened. It worked, and Kumamon subsequently became nationally popular – and in late 2011, was voted top in a nationwide survey of mascots. And that should go some way to explain why the governor of the region has revealed this custom machine.

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Sadly there’s been no news on whether the hugely successful off-road oriented commuter machines will be made available outside of Japan – but we’re keeping our fingers cross that it makes it across the UK in the not too distant future. One thing is for sure though – the new Cross Cub would make a fine addition into anyone’s garage for some good quality, small capacity fun.


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