VIDEO: Pedestrian RUNS in front of biker in SHOCKING footage. BOTH escape unharmed.



We’ve been sent this heart stopping helmetcam footage, posted by Animosus on Youtube, which shows a biker crashing into a pedestrian after she ran out in front of him to catch a bus.

The clip starts with the biker riding behind a white van on a dual carriageway in London with a green light at the traffic lights ahead – but as he reaches the crossing a young woman decides to make a dash for it across the road (without looking). The footage then shows her looking straight at the biker with a look of sheer panic on her face, before the rider hits her and she flies across the road.

Incredibly, both biker and pedestrian seemed unhurt from the potentially nasty crash. The woman picks herself up quickly and begins to head off, leaving the biker picking his Yamaha in the middle of the road. In the background, the biker can be heard saying: “You’re kidding?” before she replies by saying she has to “run for the bus”.

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The footage was posted on YouTube yesterday where it has racked up in excess of 50,000 views under the heading: “Pedestrian 0, me also 0”. In the video description, the biker added: “Bike didn’t suffer much damage other than some bar and engine cover scratches. Lady just hopped on the next bus she could and didn’t give details.”

In the comments, social media users have slammed the pedestrian for walking away from the scene without exchanging details.


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