Name: Graham Mudd From: Bedfordshire Riding for: 17 years


Front on BikePrice paid for it: For this model about £90 but there are leisure backpack, highvis vest and sash versions for about £45, £40 and £20 respectively, and they also come up on cycling websites and ebay from time to time.

What type of riding do you do:  All kinds of bikes in all kinds of weather!

Why did you buy it? I do a lot of riding at night, especially those long winter ones where it seems to get dark at about 2 o’clock. Frustrated that even with high-vis galore, a white helmet and fog lights (adventure bike) cars still pulled out on me on an alarmingly regular basis my Dad (also a rider) leant a sympathetic ear, and working in the offshore oil industry got me this. It’s a helicopter marshall’s safety harness!


Tell us about it: During the day it’s webbing is day-glo green with 3M reflective piping but at night with the press of a button emits a cool turqoise glow (apparently you can get different colours) powered by a Li-Ion battery which lasts 12 hours. It’s very comfy to wear, fully adjustable and though the battery/control unit is a bit weighty it never feels intrusive. I must say that although it does draw a few “Christmas Tree” comments from colleagues and a few “what the hell is that?” looks from other motorists it achieves its aim – not a single car has pulled out on me  since getting it a year ago! Plus this model is “ex” meaning I can safely wear it in explosive atmospheres…

Give us three good points: Ultimate night time high vis. Comfort. Choice of glow colours.

And three bad ones: Sneery comments!


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