We’ve got about as much idea on this one as you have right now.

Umm.. Okaaaaay… it’s a KTM and the factory is testing it.

So we were just thinking to ourselves, ‘You know what – today’s a bit slow on the old news front,’ when a phone call comes in from our excellent spy snapper perched on the side of a large hill somewhere near where KTM tests things.

“I’ve just go this E-scooter that’s being tested by KTM. Looks a bit weird.”

Still weird, even from the back.

Boy, he wasn’t kidding. So here we go then… the batteries are under the floorboard. The front wheel is big (is that 21″ big though?) and the rear wheel small. It’s got a single sided, mountain bike caliper on the front, too.


The rider is glued to the information on the TFT screen (off a small Duke) that’s bolted to the handlebars and it’s been registered for the road testing part of wherever this thing is in it’s life-cycle before we see it on sale as an official bit of fun from the Austrians. The E-scooter is being tested on a public road up a pretty serious incline so we can probably guess that the rider is watching the draw on the batteries as he rides the unit uphill.

Weird. With a TFT screen. TFT weird, then.

On the back wheel you can see the electric drive motor mounted on the left of the wheel and on the right hand side there’s a belt that we’re guessing is to do with an energy-recovery system to re-charge batteries when the thing is going downhill. If so, smart.

Umm… whatchathinktoitthen? By the time it makes it to a dealer near you, this thing could be pretty funky… it is a KTM, after all.

Tony Carter

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