A group of design students in Milan have joined forces with Ducati, creating this ridiculously cool electric concept. And we reckon it’s probably very close to what Ducati’s first electric motorbike’s going to end up looking like, when it’s eventually released.

Design students Bart Heijt, Fernando Pastre and Raquel Villani from Scuola Politecnica di Design came up with the design in a collaborative project with the iconic Italian manufacturer.

Bart Heijt says they wanted a minimalist design for the Ducati Zero that took into account the “design of the contemporary combustion-powered Ducati motorbikes”. He said: “The result is a more minimalistic and smooth approach, with a contrastful two-toned body dividing the sculptural from the technical parts. The design of the motorbike is inspired by the attack of a snake resulting into an aggressive and forward moving stance.”


Interestingly, the Zero logo on the side of the Ducati Zero changes colour depending on which driving mode the rider selects. They can choose from green for eco, white for strada (street) or red for corsa (race track). And the vertical DLR and Zero logos also double as indicator lights. Clever stuff.

Heijt added: “The Ducati Zero is a small, light, full electric superbike. Taking into account the design of the contemporary combustion powered Ducati motorbikes we explored a new design direction, focused on the possibilities created by the components of the electric drivetrain. The result is a more minimalistic and smooth approach, with a contrasting two-toned body dividing the sculptural – from the technical parts.”

Admittedly, this concept has been floating around for a little while – but following on from Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicale’s recent remarks at the University of Bologna in which he suggested that an electric machine is coming very soon – we thought it’d be worth showing it to you once again.

Ross Mowbray

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