Patent drawings have emerged which confirm that Kawasaki is working on an electric motor – suggesting that the Japanese factory probably isn’t too far away from unveiling its first electric motorcycle.

Admittedly, a patent application doesn’t necessarily mean that the technology will make it into series production. But at the very least, we know Kawasaki’s working on something electric in the background. The new patent shows a conventional motorcycle, equipped with a battery pack under a dummy tank – while the electric motor sits together with a gear unit underneath. But the big news is the electric engine’s liquid cooling system, which will help to deliver optimum performance.

Of course, it’s not the first time we’ve seen an electric patent from the Japanese factory. Back in 2017, we revealed a set of patents which showed a battery-powered Ninja 400 that hinges the ‘engine’ unit out of the left side of the machine in one smooth movement. The official factory patent drawings, shows how the entire power unit can be opened up from the bike itself and replaced with a fully-charged unit, or have maintenance carried out as needed.

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