What we have here is one of the best bits of video of 2019 andwhat we have done with this video is turn it onto a FREE ringtone for your phone. Just watch the video below then scroll down this story for everything you need to get this brute fully on the pipe as your FREE ringtone.

www.facebook.com/bhmc.fr/videos/550211555488317/" class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore">TRIUMPH Daytona 765 M-Meca Bike 31[War Machine] Une Daytona 765 préparée à la sauce Moto2 par Mmecabike31, voilà ce que ça donne après plusieurs jours de travail au banc ! Juste pour le plaisir des oreilles…

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A Triumph 765 Moto2 ‘replica’ built by French-based specials builder and dealership Mmecabike31 being put through the gears on a dyno is a helluva way to put some sound into your day – but what a sound this is.

It’s a pretty, pretty thing. Neatly done and, on the dyno, it looks like an absolute weapon.

So here’s the official line; the chassis comes from a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R with some bits from the 2013 R also. The motor is a modified Street Triple RS 765 lump. This is, essentially, the Triumph Moto2 bike for the road that we’ll all be able to buy from dealers next year (or maybe the year after – the factory has been testing a 765 Street Triple in a road going Daytona 675 chassis in private tests and you can see our original report and video of that HERE). And now there’s video of the dealership special complete with sweet, sweet shifter, slipper clutch and upside-down gears going through its dyno-paces.

Loads of power early on and the torque line is very progressive. Imagine this coming out of a corner quickly…

As for the dyno runs, the bike came out making just under 135bhp @ 13,300rpm and tips the scales at 160kg. The Street Triple RS makes 121.2bhp @ 11,750rpm and weighs 166kg.

Well thought out and put together for a ‘dealer’ special, isn’t it?

Yep, how cool is that? So just click on the lozenges here and it’ll download on to your phone.


For Android long press the button above and select ‘Save Link’, for iOS follow the instructions in the video below:

Tony Carter

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