Brivio, right, isn’t holding back in calling out Ducati about what it did with bodywork for the Qatar MotoGP round.

With Andrea Dovizioso having to wait to find out the decision of the MotoGP Court of Appeals after rival teams protested the factory Ducati’s fairing on Sunday night, things in the MotoGP paddock are understandably tense.

Never one to shy away from explaining his reason for doing things, Suzuki Manager Davide Brivio has now talked about why Suzuki, Honda, KTM and Aprilia lodged a formal protest about the funky section of the Ducati’s swingarm surround.

Ducati used the new add-on for the swingarm and a front wheel cover (it’s more than a mudguard) for the opening round of the season last weekend and when Ducati man Dovi took the win, all technical arguments erupted.


“Last year all manufacturers discussed the issue of aerodynamics and we all agreed to establish some rules to limit the uncontrolled growth of research and development costs in this area,” said Suzuki.  And, the factory is right. The agreement has focused the current set of bodywork and aero rules which requires factories to approve a single fairing before the start of the Championship, and only have one update during the season.

Brivio added: “The engineers who work for the four manufacturers who filed the complaint believe that these appendices have an aerodynamic effect , generate aerodynamic force and, therefore, are contrary to the principles of regulation.

“I spoke in private with Ducati to express our dissatisfaction with his interpretation, anticipating an official complaint if they decided to continue using the new accessories . However, this happened: Ducati equipped the motorcycles of three of his riders with the new appendices and we presented the protest. We did it to clarify the situation once and for all.


“We hope to obtain a clear position from the FIM , the technical management and all the competent authorities. In presenting this protest, we force them to evaluate, judge and clarify the principles of the rules, regulations and guidelines. This is the main purpose of our actions: to clarify what we can and can not do “.

Tony Carter

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