The big boss of the British firm has spoken to Sky News about what leaving Europe really means for the revived brand.

Garner says that Norton has had to get busy further afield in light of Brexit.

In the exclusive interview by Adam Parsons, which you can see in full HERE, Garner say he’s changed his mind on the Brexit issue. Norton’s chief executive says that he voted remain on the original vote back in June 2016 but now sees the UK leaving the European Union as a chance to boost Norton’s business.

Garner said to Parsons: “All day long we would have preferred to remain but now we’ve looked and reviewed our business model in the light of Brexit


“It was easy for us to become lazy, to say we’ll go to France, Italy and Germany. Brexit made us look further afield.

“We have the potential to be bigger, better and stronger, to go across a wider range of export territories than we would ever have looked at if we had stayed Remain.

“European has given us such an easy meal that we haven’t stayed on the plane for another five hours.


“We have never gone and pursued those markets – there was no need to because when you’re growing at 20, 30 or 40% thanks to Europe then you don’t need to.”

“It was easy to become lazy,” says Garner.

Tony Carter

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