VIDEO: Furygan joins forces with Lazareth. Creates CUSTOM leather suit for rider of the first FLYING motorcycle.



The first ever flying motorcycle has been unveiled by French manufacturer, Lazareth – and to keep the rider protected, Furygan has created a custom-made leather suit.

Built by famous French craftsman and innovator, Ludovic Lazareth, the Lazareth La Moto Volante 496 (The Flying Motorcycle 496) looks very similar to the existing Lazareth LM 847, a leaning four-wheeler which is powered by Maserati V8. But of course, the LMV 496 is quite a bit different. First off, the LMV 496 is powered by an electric motor when it’s on the road. But up in the air, it’s powered by kerosene, which feeds four JetCat jet turbines (one on each wheel) to the tune of 1500bhp.

For the futuristic project, Ludovic wanted to work with partners known for their genuine know-how and passion for innovation – and as a result, he’s put his trust in French motorcycling brand, Furygan by asking them to develop a custom leather suit for the rider/pilot of the exciting new machine. And that’s exactly what it did, developing a unique suit, taking into account the different riding position.

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Communication, Marketing and Sponsoring Manager at Furygan, David Robert, said: “We are extremely proud to have supported this futuristic french project. Ambition and a willingness to innovate is part of Furygan’s DNA and we see it as our duty to participate in research and project in order to anticipate the needs of tomorrow and build the garments that will accompany them.”

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