A new Harley motor patents appear. A 60-degree V-twin for the middle-weights in the future range.

Uncovered by the reporters at Motorrad in Germany, the drawings for a new motor are another indicator that the American firm is getting ready to put it’s future prototypes into production.

Harley-Davidson has already shown the world the prototypes for the next-generation Pan America, Custom 1250 and Streetfighter models – all bikes which are expected to appear in dealerships next year, but there’s been little information on the motor that will be fitted to the new range of bikes.

There’s also going to be a series of new smaller capacity motorcycles ranging from 500 to 975cc, all of which (like the larger prototypes previously unveiled) will get the new 60-degree V-twin engine. The drawings show that the motor is pretty much what you’d expect from Harley-Davidson and it’s new twin camshaft motor, although it does look pretty slim in profile which should help handling in future bikes.


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