TV presenter and ex-roads racer Guy Martin has spoken about how he’d rather be at Monkey World with his young daughter than racing on the Isle of Man.

In his latest book ‘We Need to Weaken the Mixture’, Martin ruled out returning to the Isle of Man TT – and considering his tumultuous time at the 2017 TT, you can hardly blame him.

Martin said: “People still ask me why I don’t go back, and when they do they’re just showing a complete lack of understanding of the motivations involved in competing at a place like that.


“Going back because it’s what I did and I was sort of all right at it is not a good reason to race the TT. It’s not even a reason, never mind a good one. But I look at some riders and it seems that that is exactly why they do keep going back. They’re not going back to win.

“The years I raced there might define me to some people, but it’s not what defines me to myself and it hasn’t for years. Give me a day at Monkey World with Dot and Sharon instead.”

Tony Carter

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