When your Monkey isn’t quite unique enough…

SO if you’re a fan of the smaller motorcycle and live in Japan then this is the type of offering that would probably catch your eye – a WWII-fighter plane (ish) style of finish for a new Honda Monkey.

Made by Japanese firm Kitaco Engineering, the bike has a lot of cosmetic touches that are pretty obvious, but the smaller 10 inch (from 12 inch on the stock bike) front wheel helps pull the small front end into eye-pleasing line with the rear.

There’s a sweet Titanium exhaust, new rear Nitron shocks, a larger throttle body and an engine kit fitted taking the bike up from 125cc to 181cc.


Clocks remain the same, seat looks trick but what do you reckon to the faux rivets and lightly pink blossom flowers on the bodywork? Yeah, we like it too.

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