Item 35 is the big news in this drawing. It could mean much fun out on the road!

Could the Japanese factory really be looking to push out a single-cylinder motorcycle that is similar in idea to the classic Ducati from 20 years ago? According to a couple of patent applications that have surfaced in the States on outlets Cycle World and Asphalt & Rubber, yep.

What we can see from the drawings is that the patents are for a SOHC motor with a single upright cylinder. Inside the engine is a second con-rod attached to a weighted rocker. It’s the same idea as was used on the Ducato Supermono (minus the Italian bike’s dummy cylinder).

This is the Ducati Supermono. Is something like this iconic 1990s motorcycle coming once again, only this time from Suzuki?

Why do this now, especially as Suzuki previously filed a patent for an engine like this over two years ago? Well, the resulting motorcycle would most likely be small capacity and the well-balanced lump would mean that it could deliver many more revs than a conventional single.


The previous patent for a supermono was sited to sit in a motocross or enduro bike so there’s every chance that this could do the same – but what if it’s not? Would you fancy a high-revving, powerful single-cylinder roadster? Yes, we would too.

You can see the original, very good, articles from Cycle World HERE and from Asphalt & Rubber HERE.

Tony Carter

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