NEW GEAR: Sena launches RANGE of helmets with BUILT-IN communication systems.

Sena has just released three new connected helmets – and they’re all packed with the South Korean brands top quality communication technology.

The Savage, Sena’s open face option, is equipped with all the technology you’d expect from a top-of-the-line Sena communication system, and is capable of bike-to-bike communication, phone calls, turn-by-turn GPS and FM Radio or MP3 music on the move. All functions are controlled using the Jog Dial Control, which is built onto the side of Savage – but there’s also voice prompt functionality too.

The Savage can connect with up to three riders over a one mile range for easy bike-to-bike chat. There are HD Bluetooth speakers built into the ear cavities and a high quality microphone hidden in the upper rim of the helmet – and both feature Sena’s advanced Noise Control software to help minimise wind noise. Sena claims that the Savage is capable of a talk time of 11 hours and a charging time of just 3 hours – making it ideal for touring and weekends away. 


The helmet is available in three different shell sizes – and is made from composite fibreglass for impact resistance, and is equipped fitted with a multi density EPS. The helmet comes with a reinforced chin strap, is available with a choice of two peaks and is fully ECE2205 approved. As you’d expect, it’s not particularly cheap though – and will set you back £289.99.

The Momentum Lite is Sena’s entry-level full face option, for those not seeking all of bells and whistles outside of a quality Bluetooth helmet. The Lite option offers four intercom connections which work over a distance of one mile. It’ll set you back £430.00.

Sena’s third and final connected helmet is its top specification Momentum lid, which has been engineered from the ground up. Essentially, the £490.00 helmet comes equipped with Sena’s top of the line 20S technology inside a sleek and safe fibreglass shell.


For more information on the full range of Sena’s new helmets, click HERE.

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