28/05/2019: Dean Harrison (1000 Kawasaki/Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) at Guthrie’s during Tuesday evening’s Isle of Man TT qualifying session. PICTURE BY DAVE KNEEN/PACEMAKER PRESS.

So here we go then, this is a provisional schedule for today – we’ve put the start list for the Superbike Race below:

 09:15Mountain road closes 
 10:00Rest of Course closes
 10:45RST Superbike TT Race – 4 laps
 13:00Locate.im Sidecar TT Race 1 – 3 laps
 15:00Lightweight qualifying
 15:55TT Zero qualifying
 16:50Roads open around Course – NOT MOUNTAIN 
 18:00All roads open around Course CLOSED
 18:30Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 1 – 4 laps
 20:15Roads open around Course – NOT MOUNTAIN
RST Superbike TT – List of Riders
Start positionRace NumberRider Machine/Entrant Interval
11Conor Cummins Honda / Milenco by Padgett’s Motorcycles 00:00:00
22Dean Harrison Kawasaki / Silicone Engineering00:00:10
33John McGuinness Norton / Norton Motorcycles 00:00:2000:00:20
44Ian Hutchinson Honda / Honda Racing00:00:30
55James Hillier Kawasaki / Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings00:00:40
66Michael Dunlop BMW / Tyco BMW00:00:50
77Gary Johnson Kawasaki / RAF Regular & Reserves / Lee Hardy Racing00:01:00
88Michael Rutter Honda / Bathams Racing00:01:10
99David Johnson Honda / Honda Racing00:01:20
1010Peter Hickman BMW / Smiths Racing BMW00:01:30
1111Lee Johnston BMW / Ashcourt Racing00:01:40
1212Derek McGee Kawasaki / McGee / Doyne Racing00:01:50
1313Sam West BMW / PRL Cyclestore.co.uk 00:02:00
1414Philip Crowe BMW / Handtrans00:02:10
1515Jamie Coward Yamaha / Prez Racing 00:02:20
1616Derek Sheils Suzuki / Burrows Engineering with RK Racing00:02:30
1717Shaun Anderson BMW / NW Racing00:02:40
1818Davey Todd BMW / Penz13.com00:02:50
1919Daley Mathison BMW / Penz13 / SK support00:03:00
2020Dominic Herbertson Kawasaki / Davies Motorsport 00:03:10
2123Stefano Bonetti BMW / Speed Motor00:03:20
2222Brian McCormack BMW / ON-1 Racing00:03:30
2326Rob Hodson BMW / JGH Racing / VRS Recovery00:03:40
2446Paul Jordan Kawasaki / RC Express Dafabet Devitt Racing00:03:50
2567Jay Lawrence Suzuki / Buildbase Suzuki / Carl Cox Motorsport00:04:00
2650David Jackson BMW / Action Racing00:04:10
2725Michael Sweeney BMW / MJR Racing00:04:20
2849Ryan Kneen BMW / Charmer Builders Ltd00:04:30
2940Horst Saiger Yamaha / iXS00:04:40
3028Daniel Cooper BMW / Impcross Engineering00:04:50
3131Mike Booth Kawasaki / BSK Pro00:05:00
3260Forest Dunn Suzuki / Forest Dunn Racing by B & W00:05:10
3330Barry Lee Evans Suzuki / PRF Racing 00:05:20
3433Frank Gallagher Kawasaki / Performance Racing Achterhoek00:05:30
3556Xavier Denis Honda / Optimark Road Racing Team00:05:40
3629Mark Parrett BMW / C and C Ltd.00:05:50
3759Richard Charlton BMW / CPL products 00:06:00
3855Michael Russell Suzuki / 240 Volts / Swindon Karting00:06:10
3947David Hewson BMW / Obsession Engineering Ltd.00:06:20
4039Joe Akroyd Kawasaki / Joe Akroyd Racing00:06:30
4164Charles Rhys Hardisty BMW / GATC / The People’s Bike / TGT00:06:40
4236Marc Ironside Suzuki / Burnett Arms Hotel00:06:50
4365Jim Hodson BMW / John Pointon & Son / Idesign Kitchen00:07:00
4454Davy Morgan BMW / DM71 / Strangford Holiday Park00:07:10
4534Julian Trummer Honda / TC Racing / DP Coldplaning00:07:20
4657James Chawke Suzuki / Chawkie Racing Supporters Club 00:07:30
4762Richard Wilson BMW / G&C Higgins / Wiz Norton Racing00:07:40
4844Morgan Govignon BMW / MC Fleur de Lys00:07:50
4937Matt Stevenson BMW / The People’s Bike00:08:00
5053Adrian Harrison Kawasaki / Aireborough Motor Co00:08:10
5152Mark Goodings Kawasaki / Mark Goodings Kawasaki00:08:20
5242Barry Furber Kawasaki / DC Auto Repairs Newtown00:08:30
5361Josh Daley Kawasaki / Josh Daley Racing00:08:40
5463George Spence Yamaha / Dod Spence Racing00:08:50
5558Paul Potchy Williams BMW / Autoparts00:09:00
5632Raul Torras Martinez Kawasaki / Raul Torras Racing00:09:10
5766Anthony Redmond Honda / Reds Garage00:09:20
5869Thomas Maxwell Kawasaki / TM Racing00:09:30
5938Dean Osborne Kawasaki / Slick! Performance00:09:40
6070Lukas Maurer* Kawasaki / Blau Power Bikes 00:09:50
Tony Carter

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