That big orange ball in the sky is supposed to be coming back to The Island today…

After the debacle of the terrible weather over the last week that has seen TT bosses chasing their tales for a new workable schedule, it’s come down to this – one huge day on The Island that sees five races PLUS a qualifying outing for the Senior and Superstock bikes!

It’s the busiest day in TT history and there’s no room for manoeuvre, the races have to happen today because storm Miguel is due to hit the Isle of Man tomorrow afternoon. That in itself means that the Senior race, which is usually the grand finale for Race Week and is traditionally held on Friday afternoon with another race (recently, the Sidecar Race Two outing) held in the morning, is – for this year – being run on Friday morning and will be the ONLY race tomorrow.

So with what looks like today’s weather window amid the high winds and rain that have so far plagued the racing event, Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson has come up with the following schedule. With the exception of the single-lap TT Zero electric bike outing, every other race has been reduced in length in order to be able to squeeze in so much on-track action today.

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Here’s the schedule for today then – we’ll keep you up to date with any changes and we’ll bring you the race reports right here on MoreBikes as usual.

Brace yourself people, this is going to be a tough day for all involved:

10:45Mountain Road Closes
11:30All Roads Closed
11:50Senior / Superstock1 Lap
12:45Monster Energy Supersport TT Race 22 Laps Sidecar TT Race 22 laps
14:55RL360 Superstock TT Race3 Laps
17:00Roads Open Except Mountain Road
18:00All Roads Closed
18:30Bennetts Lightweight TT Race3 Laps
19:20SES TT Zero Race1 Lap
20:00Senior Qualifying1 Lap