Fancy pimping up your helmet to help you be more visible on two wheels? LightMode’s retrofit kits might be what just what you’re looking for.

LightMode’s headset kit

Perfect if you ride at night or gloomy weather, Lightmode’s retrofit kits attach your helmet using either adhesive tape or liquid adhesive, depending on which variant you choose.



There are three Lightmode variants to choose from – the Neutron, the Electron and the Proton. The Neutron uses a simple adhesive strip method, which means the lights can be stuck to your helmet. Easy.  For the Electron and Proton variants installation is a little bit more involved. Instead of a simple adhesive strip, you lightly attach thin wires to the helmet in to position – before sticking it down using a liquid adhesive. The lights are powered via a small battery pack which can be attached to your helmet in the same way you would an Actioncam. Charged using a USB port, it should last between six and seven hours – depending on your chosen setup. And you can even extend the charge up to around 11 hours if you opt to use its ‘flashing’ mode.

With prices starting at $129 (£102.58) for the Neutron, $149 (£118.48) for the Electron and $169 (£134.39) for the Proton – Lightmode’s kits aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re a great solution to help you be better seen without the need spend a fortune replacing your existing helmet.

For more information, click HERE.

Tony Carter

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