MotoGP: Michelin to supply ASYMMETIC SLICKS for this weekend’s racing at the Sachsenring.

Michelin will be supplying a full range of asymmetric rubber to teams at the German MotoGP this weekend – to help riders deal with the demanding conditions of the Sachsenring.

The Sachsenring is an anti-clockwise circuit which puts huge stress on the left-hand side of the tyre. That’s because there are 10 left corners and only three right handers. And that’s why Michelin, the official tyre supplier for MotoGP, has chosen to supply an entire asymmetric slick range, with a hard-left side (to help prevent wear and degradation from consistent use) and a softer right (to get heat into the tyre as quickly as possible).

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager said: “We know the requirements of this track, it is short and is also one of the slowest of the year, but it places a huge amount of demands on the left side of the tyre. We bring a specific compound to Germany to cope with this and also for the weather. It is one of the tracks where you never know what to expect and it changes quickly, so we need to make a range of tyres that work in all conditions.”


Ok, so it’s not exactly new technology. In fact, Bridgestone offered asymmetric tyres for years, back when they were tyre suppliers for the race series. But it’s still an interesting insight into just how hard top flight racers push – and how technological developments help them get the most out of their machines.

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