This isn’t a photo of the V4, this is the current V2. It’s still a helluva motorcycle though. And if this one is this good, imagine what a V4 is going to be like… oh wow…

We’ve been banging on about the V4 Strada from the Italians for a while now, the gossip grapevine out of Italy has had the bike under development for well over a year now, but it’s been a slippery beast to try and pin down. Until now.

The fellas over at top German magazine Motorrad are saying that they’ve seen the V4 in the flesh. It’s not one of those ‘here, we got this photo’ moments, but it is one of those ‘dammit, we couldn’t get the camera out in time’ moments. So all we have from them this morning is some info, and nowt on the photo front. Bear with…

The German lads are saying that the bike IS coming for 2020 (yay) and that it will boot out around 190bhp (yay) plus it’s coming with front and rear radars fitted (yay) and a load of other tech (yay).


All good so far then – and pretty much what we were reckoning for the new Strada. The Strada V4 (according to Motorrad) in going to be nicely narrow with the V4 motor and the front and rear radar sensors on the bike were clearly visible, the rider-warning system is called ARAS which stands for Advanced Rider Assistance System. Figure on the V4 Strada making 185 to 190bhp.

Expect to see this bike at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this November alongside Ducati’s V4 Streetfighter – a time when grown men go weak at the knees and start working out how to get another mortgage on the house.


Tony Carter

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