To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Kawasaki ZXR, Spanish custom specialists Japan Legends has created an awesome conversion kit for the Z900. And it’s now available in several different colour schemes.

Last year we showed you Japan Legends Kawasaki ZXR 900 kit in the classic green-blue-white colour scheme – but now, the Spanish brand has revealed you can pick from five colour schemes, that’ll set you back between 1,800 euros (around £1600) and 2,500 euros (£2250) plus shipping. The most expensive kits are based on the 1989 ZXR, as your Z900’s tank will have to be painted too – but there are also marginally less expensive “Full Black”, “Red Silver” and “Green Black” variants available. There’s also a “Race Kit” which is essentially just the Japan Legends fairing in black. And for a few extra quid, Japan Legends will also paint up your rims. At an extra cost, the rims can also be painted in the desired colour.